Song Review: Killswitch Engage- “In Due Time”

When it comes to modern metalcore, almost every band comes off as a cookie-cutter when compared to Killswitch Engage; the band brings unique fury and melody to an otherwise limited genre.

Back with their original lead singer, Jesse Leech, the band wastes no time re-affirming their reputation on “In Due Time,” the lead single off the forthcoming, “Disarm the Descent.”

Leech’s screamed verses are brutal and quickly command complete attention atop a monster dual guitar riff, which is ridden into one of the catchiest choruses the band has ever produced.

“In Due Time” shows off Killswitch Engage’s potential with Leech back at the spearhead.  For what it is supposed to be, the song is impressive.

Killswitch Engage- “In Due time:” 4/5