Song Review: Korn- “Never, Never”

Korn fans rejoiced after the band recently rejoined with one of its key members, Brian “Head” Welch.  Absent for four albums, Welch previously helped give Korn classics like “Freak on a Leash” and “Got the Life” an extra kick with his dark, down-tuned playing style.

Naturally, as the band announced that they were working on a brand new album with Welch, fans grew increasingly eager to get a dose of vicious, guitar-heavy throwback Korn.

Instead, fans have been given “Never, Never,” a song that has carried on the dubstep-infused, pseudo-industrial experimentation of the band’s last album, “The Path of Totality.”  The resulting track is truly a head-scratcher.

 Though “Totality” was interesting, its appeal stemmed from the notion that the band was just trying a one-off experiment.  Now, with two guitars and re-charged batteries, it seemed like Korn was ready to return to their roots- the kinds of roots that turned them into a metal sensation in their hay day.

The untapped potential of “Never, Never” is frustrating.  The song could be worse- and it certainly has a catchy chorus- but all-in-all it comes as a slap in the face to those craving a “Follow the Leader” dual-guitar assault.

“Never, Never” builds little anticipation for the forthcoming “Paradigm Shift.”  The song-writing is there, but the arrangement makes no sense.  Welch has been under-utilized, which makes about as much sense as the Minnesota Vikings benching Adrian Peterson.

Korn- “Never, Never:” 2.5/5