Top 5 Worst Rock Moments of 2012

From the return of Soundgarden to the 12-12-12 Sandy Relief concert, 2012 boasted some great moments in rock music.  However, there were also several moments that a lot of people would rather forget.  Here are five rock-related moments from 2012 that I found to be exceptionally bad:

1. Ted Nugent’s Response to the re-election of President Obama. 

2012 has come and gone, and Ted Nugent is still the slimiest figure in rock.  In wake of Barack Obama’s re-election as President of the United States, Nugent took to social media and, as expected, reminded the world of how awful he truly is.  He blindly demonized Obama supporters as “pimps, whores, and welfare brats.”  No commentary needed here, Nugent has done it all himself.  During 2013, one can only hope that Nugent will make his way into a dark crevice, never to return.


2. Billy Corgan’s Statements about Soundgarden and Pavement.

During an interview, Smashing Pumpkins front man, Billy Corgan, took several shots at the recently reunited Soundgarden and Pavement; he subtly accused the bands of reuniting just to make money and of living in the past.  Keeping in mind that Corgan has had feuds on and off with Pavement lead singer, Stephen Malkmus, it was hard to look at these accusations as nothing more than biased stabs at an old foe.  As for Soundgarden, “King Animal,” their first new studio album in sixteen years, was released in November to widespread critical acclaim.

3. Shinedown’s lackluster “Amaryllis” 

Probably the biggest disappointment of the year, “Amaryllis” is dry and forgettable.  For as much hype as Brent Smith built for the album via Twitter, the album is almost entirely absent of clever arrangements and catchy choruses characteristic of Shinedown’s past work.

4. Nickelback’s release of “This Means War”

Take everything that makes a modern hard rock song generic, mash it together, and have someone chug a pint of mud before recording vocals for it- you have just written Nickelback’s “This Means War.”  The mere fact that this song charted in 2012 is unsettling.

5. Billy Joe Armstrong’s “iHeartRadio” Meltdown.

In some cases, Billy Joe Armstrong’s tirade during the “iHeartRadio” Music Festival was justified:  one does not simply cut Green Day’s set short during “Basket Case.”  However, Armstrong’s handling of the situation, while very humorous, was like that of a new artist with no perception of public record.


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