Three Days Grace- “The High Road” Song Review


“I hate everything about you.  Why do I love you?”

–          Three Days Grace, “I Hate (Everything About You)”

“I took the low road in.  I’ll take the high road out.  I’ll do whatever it takes to be the mistake you can’t live without.”

–          Three Days Grace, “The High Road”

By comparison, it is clear that “The High Road,” Three Days Grace’s latest single, is much more passive-aggressive than their past material.

The song is the second to be released from the band’s “Transit of Venus.”  It is a straightforward hard rock ballad free of the experimental elements explored on its predecessor, “Chalk Outline.”

Adam Gontier sings of uncertainty and regret amidst echoing chords and a particularly effective string section.  While Gontier’s lyrics are nothing new, their delivery is undeniably genuine.

“The High Road” is a passionate track that is worth consideration, but at times, it toes the line between memorable and mundane.

Three Days Grace- “The High Road:” 3/5


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