Wallflowers- “Glad All Over” Album Review

Too much of a good thing can occasionally turn into a bad thing; sometimes, it’s better to give things a break to renew interest.  Jakob Dylan knows this.  Dylan and his award-winning band, The Wallflowers, after impacting the charts with a plethora of successful singles and albums, took a much-needed break after 2005’s “Rebel Sweetheart.”

Now, seven years later, the Wallflowers have returned- and it almost seems like they never left.  “Glad All Over,” the band’s newest album, picks up right where “Rebel Sweetheart” left off.

“Hospital for Sinners” starts the album with an upbeat, gritty jam that shows off fresh energy.  “Misfits and Lovers” swoops right in behind with smooth, layered riffs that echo the brightest moments of “Three Marlenas” and “Bleeders.”  These two songs help set the uplifting mood of the album, which is effortlessly carried on by “First One in the Car” and the somber, piano-heavy ballad, “Love is a Country,” among others.  For the most part, the album holds up as full listening experience.

The Clash’s Mick Jones, an idol of Dylan’s, joins the band twice on the album; his guitar and vocal contributions blend surprisingly well with classic Wallflowers song structure- especially on “Reboot the Mission,” an inventive homage to Jones’s former band.

Dylan’s lyrics remain consistently great; they generate unique, emotional imagery that will be very hard to find anywhere else on most popular music charts.

Despite a tiny bit of dead space, “Glad All Over” is brilliant, progressive, and an absolute pleasure to listen to.

All in All:

Standout Tracks:  “Hospital for Sinners,” “Misfits and Lovers (ft. Mick Jones),” “First One in the Car,” “Reboot the Mission (ft. Mick Jones),” “Love is a Country,” “Constellation Blues”

The Wallflowers- “Glad All Over:” 4.5/5


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